Contact Alcoholics Anonymous Belo Horizonte

To find out more about our meetings, or just for general info, contact:

55 31 98352 1964 (cell)

Don B.
55 31 3286 1136 (home)
55 31 99197 1387 (cell)

Portuguese Speaking contact in Minas Gerais (site em Portuguse)

List of Portuguese speaking meetings in Minas Gerais

CALLERS DIALING FROM A LAND LINE IN BELO HORIZONTE DO NOT need to dial the country code of "55" or the city code of "31". If you are calling from outside of Brazil or from a non Brazilian cell phone you may need to dial both the country code "55" and the city code "31". If dialing from another city in Brazil, you will need to dial the city code "31".

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